Mananchira Square is the royal residence tank of King Vikrama, one of the colossal rulers in the area. It is arranged in the core of the city and is named after the Mananchira lake that traverses a zone of a square kilometer. While the place got the name from the lake, the lake got its name from the leader of Zamoothiri Kingdom known as Manadevan. The castle tank has a conventional compositional plan and is reminiscent of the old occasions. The Square is comprehensive of the Mananchira Square, lake or Mananchira and Old Krishanamenon part involving the melodic wellspring. The Mananchira Square is encompassed by sanctuaries, holy places, mosques and a few customary houses. The entire square is encompassed by a laterite-etched divider and the territory is covered with green grass.

The Square contains different imperative structures including the Public Library, Town Hall and Commonwealth Trust office. It was essentially the primary yard of the Zamorin Rulers royal residence yet by and by, it has been changed over into a delightful stop. The 'Maithan' has been changed to an utopia with trees and plants, bushes, fake slope and figure. Other than a melodic wellspring, the Square includes a counterfeit stream, outdoors theater and music arrange.