Whenever nature and untamed life entice you, there is nothing to do except for capitulate to it. Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary with its 39 types of warm blooded animals, 16 types of creatures of land and water, 268 types of feathered creatures, 47 types of fishes, 124 types of butterflies, 1049 types of creepy crawlies, 61 types of substances and endless assortments of vegetation, make it an untamed life heaven. It is arranged 95 kilometers from Palakkad, however unquestionably justified regardless of the excursion. It will really be an essential affair when you watch untamed life in their regular natural surroundings. The primary fascination of one of Kerala's best natural life asylum is the 350+ years of age Kannimara teak tree. With its 47.5 meters statures, it is accepted to be the greatest living tree on the planet. The Government of India, offered the honor, Mahavrukha puraskra (to the tree) for the period 1994 – 1995.