Cherai Beach, which is extraordinary compared to other voted shorelines of the state, is arranged at a separation of 30 km from Kochi city. Its vital area on the northern end of the Vypeen Island in Kochi makes it an ideal blend of the ocean and also the backwaters. The encompassing greenery and the seashells show in various shapes makes the shoreline more delightful than it as of now is. One can notice the coconut forests, and the Chinese angling nets show on the waterfront add an alternate appeal to the place out and out. This delightful shoreline beyond any doubt is one of the must-visit spots for the guests. Its coastline alone keeps running for around 15 km and plays a distinctive factor from the various shorelines. One can go swimming and in addition sunbathing in the water here which are a portion of the well known exercises embraced by the guests and make it enticing to make tracks in an opposite direction from the city life. 

There are numerous visitors and in addition local people who appreciate the sandy shores of the Cherai shoreline. Otherwise called the 'Princess of the Arabian Sea' it is an ideal spot for unwinding having a pleasant view and beachfront joined. One can likewise see high veil lights with delightful lights which enlighten the way and makes the walkway edges worth visiting and a flat out joy to be at amid the night. There is a recreation center for the children also close by the shoreline where children can play and invest a stunning energy with their families and companions. Guests can employ speedboats and in addition water-bikes on lease which twofold the good times. One can likewise discover convenience effectively since there are various lodgings and resorts around the territory on sensible cost.