Kayamkulam Lake used to be a lake, before the specialists chose to break the banish isolating it from the Arabian Sea to assemble an angling harbor. Accordingly, it is presently a tidal pond. It is a place loaded with action including angling, races or other touristic exercises. The amphibian life in this tidal pond is extremely feasible financially, thus the ubiquity of the spot as an angling ground. Nearby the fish, numerous winged animals additionally make themselves at home in the environs encompassing the waterbody.

To the extent vacation spots go, there is bounty to do here particularly after the Alappuzha Mega Tourism Project took it up for advancement. Expect an assortment of action zones here. You can utilize the Cycling Track or Recreation Room or lunch on the skimming eatery or visit the Tsunami Museum or the Adventure zone. The rundown of exercises additionally incorporates visiting Boardwalk, View Point, Landscaping, Yard lighting, Houseboat Jetty and a conduit for vessels, so, everything is accessible here.

A celebrated pontoon dashing rivalry by the name of Kayamkulam Boat Race happens here also. On the off chance that you are venturing out to Kerala with kids, bear in mind to take them here. They will love it. The perspectives of the Arabian Sea are likewise without a doubt stunning. To see the wide region of perpetual waves smashing over each other, will give you an ordeal to recall for eternity. Bear in mind to visit the Kuvamkulam Lake when in Kerala.

Area: Between Panmana and Karthikapally