Kuttanad has a significant lot of conduits. This locale is settled between the slopes and the ocean. The conduit arrange in Kuttanad is involved tidal ponds, streams, lakes and trenches. Given this amazing arrangement of between organized conduits, this locale is regularly viewed as the epicenter of a backwater encounter. Additionally called the Rice Bowl of the State, Kuttanad is renowned worldwide for its rice creation. Paddy trim is developed in substantial amounts here. Bubbled rice is secured from this district. Circumscribing the backwaters, the paddy fields are a consistent sight. Paddy fields are on low lying land. Along these lines, the level of water is higher than the land encompassing it.

At Kuttanad, usually to see travelers taking backwater travels as a major aspect of Alleppey visit bundles. Anytime of time you can see many houseboats handling the waters here. At the point when on an adventure through the backwaters of Kuttanad, you can see the nearby way of life of individuals living along the banks. You will be intrigued regarding how they can deal with a typical life adjacent to these backwaters. Kuttanad is a place that in excess of four streams move through. Found around the Vembanad Lake, Kuttanad is additionally home to a wide assortment of fowl species. You can see ducks, parrots and darters in abundance here. It is an improving background to see shuddering ducks flying past you. On the banks you can likewise observe anglers searching for waterway angle. Angling vessels likewise handle alongside houseboats.