House boats are traditional boats constructed with bamboo, coconut fibre, coir ropes, carpets and other wooden materials. Carpenters mainly used ‘Anjily wood’ for building house boats. The Malayalam name for house boat is Kettuvallam. “Kettu” means to tie and “vallam” means boat. House boats are constructed using traditional techniques of boat construction within Kerala. House boats are ideal for backwater cruise.    

In olden days house boat was designed and used for cargo transport. In recent years with many changes in the design, house boat is mainly used as one of the tourist attractions. Today house boats even provide bed rooms with toilet, living area and kitchen. Some house boats provide live fishing from the backwaters and cooking. Presently in Kerala backwaters thousands of house boats provide attractive services. House boats in Kerala backwaters are an escape from the modern and busy city life and allow tourists to enjoy a wonderful vacation. It is the most sought after tourist attraction in Kerala.